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Learning Challenge

How can we rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?:
The children have been studying Ancient Egypt and looking at how archaeologists used special
tools to rediscover the history and culture of the Anicent Egyptians. They have looked at the
famous archaeologist Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun and wrote
their own newspaper report about his discovery. They were able to identify the difference in
structure, format and language that is used in newspaper reports to inspire their own work. 

Why is London such a cool place to live?:
Year 4 have been working on their London-themed Learning Challenge and went on a 'Big Bus'
tour to take in the sights of our capital city. They have each chosen an area of London that
interests them such as famous Londoners, Historical Landmarks and The History of London
which resulted in their final piece of writing. They have also made their own models of famous
London landmarks.

Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?:
As part of their Learning Challenge Year 4 have been looking at the Roman Empire and learning
about the life of people living at the time. They were able to say what they alredy knew before
they started the topic, what they wanted to know, and what they had learned by the end of the 
project. They used the information they had discovered in class and through their own research 
to do a celebration write answering their 'Big Question': "Why were the Romans so powerful 
and what did we learn from them?"

Multiplication Facts:
In maths lessons, the children have been recalling their times tables fluently to answer equations. 
They can also look at other people's maths predictions and say whether or not they agree with 
their statements and why.    

Finding the fraction of a whole number:
Year 4 have been using their knowledge of fractions to find out what a fraction of a whole 
number is. For example, they know that to find out what 5/6s of 36 is they have to divide 36 
by 6 to find 1/6 and then times it by 5 to find out what 5/6s is. They can use these skills and 
relate it to practical questions such as finding out what a fraction of a length of time or distance

Moses as a Leader:
In their RE lessons Year 4 have been looking at the importance of Moses as one of the key 
leaders in The Bible. Thinking about one of the difficulties that Moses faced, the children wrote 
a prayer imagining they were Moses saying why they would be thankful to God. The children 
then wrote their own prayer about why they were thankful for the different types of leaders 
there were in their lives. 

Classifying Materials:
Year 4 have been looking at the differences between a solid and a liqud. They can describe the
properties of a solid and a liquid and are able to use this knowledge to identify whether a 
material is a solid or a liquid.

Persuasive Writing:
The children have been looking at how to write a persuasive piece of writing. They have used 
the argument surrounding whether or not we should keep animals in zoos to inspire their own 
piece. The children thought about what they already knew about zoos to state their own point 
of view. They then thought about how people with a different view would feel and were able to 
say why they disagreed with them.