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Class Teacher: Ms Knott

Year 5 Learning


Pop Art:
Year 5S have been looking at American culture in their Learning Challenge 'What's so special 
about the USA?' One of the aspects they looked at in depth was the Pop Art movement with a 
particular focus on the artist Andy Warhol. Using inspiration from Warhol's pieces, they created 
their own pop-art style portraits.

Shakespeare Biography:
Year 5 have been studying Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' in their English lessons and familiarising 
themselves with the key moments in the plot. They have also researched the background of the
play - both in class and independently - and been looking at the time in which Shakespeare
lived. They were able to pick out important events in Shakespeare's life and write a biography
using appropriate sub-headings, tone and structure.
Learning Challenge

Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?:
Year 5 have started to look at the Anglo-Saxons and how their life and culture impacted Britain. 
They have started to look at important events throughout the Saxon reign and have focussed on 
the first King of the Saxons Alfred The Great. Using a dictogloss activity the children have noted 
down key facts about King Alfred and his reign.   

What's so special about the USA?:
As part of their Learning Challenge Year 5 have been investigating why the USA is a special 
place. One of the areas they studied was the President Barack Obama and how he became the 
United States' first ever black president. They conducted their own research into why Obama
was important and presented their findings in a biography.

Methods for Equations:
Year 5 have been solving mathematical equations and building on their prior learning to assess
which methods are best to answer questions. They are able to say whether they would use a 
method such as long addition or long subtraction or whether they would use a counting on 
method and explain why they would use these.

Roman Numerals:
The children have been learning about Roman Numerals and are able to identify numerals up to
1,000. They can successfully convert Roman Numerals into our number system and vice versa, 
and solve problems using the conversion method.

Mary's Story:
In our RE lessons across the school we have been focussing on The Christmas Story. Year 5 have
 been looking at the key figures in the Nativity and thinking about how each person would feel
about the event. They picked a character and wrote a narrative in the first person to describe
the thoughts and emotions they would have experienced during the events of the first Christmas.

Soluble Materials:
Year 5 have been carrying out investigations as to whether or not certain materials are soluble
in water. They ensured that their test was fair and made predictions as to what would happen 
when different materials were placed in water. They accurately recorded their results and were 
able to draw conclusions from their findings.

Writing, Performing and Editing a Playscript:
As part of their learning about Shakespeare's Macbeth Year 5 have been using the key events of 
the play to write their own playscript. They can successfully identify the way a playscript is 
structured when compared with other styles of writing including the use of character names with 
colons, stage directions and scenery descriptions. They were able to perform extracts of their
playscripts to the class and receive feedback from their peers. They used their performances to 
analyse where their dialogue had been successful and edited the parts of the playscript which 
needed changing.