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Class Teacher: Ms Knott

Year 5T Learning


Pop Art: 
Year 5T have been looking at American culture in their Learning Challenge 'What's so special 
about the USA?' One of the aspects they looked at in depth was the Pop Art movement with a
particular focus on the artist Andy Warhol. Using inspiration from Warhol's pieces, they created
their own pop-art style portraits.

Performing a playscript:
One of Year 5's key texts in English was Shakespeare's 'Macbeth.' The children have been
familiarising themselves with the text and exploring how a charcter's ideas and motivation can 
be portrayed through different forms of speech and movement. They chose extracts from the 
script and performed in groups as a way of portraying the different situations and themes of the
Learning Challenge

Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?:
Year 5 have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and what their role was in shaping Britian 
today. One of the key historical figures they have been looking at is the first Anglo-Saxon King
Alfred The Great. They have carried out research - both in class and indpendently - to write a
biography about King Alfred includuing the important details about his life and reign as King.

What's so special about the USA?:
The children have been looking at the USA as part of their Learning Challenge and 
endeavouring to answer their 'Big Question': "What's so special about the USA?" They have 
looked at American culture and important people and events in American history. One of the 
major events they looked at was the destruction of the World Trade Centre on September 11th 
2001. They explored this event by imagining what it would have been like to witness it and 
created powerful eyewitness accounts and emotive poems using appropriate language and 

Roman Numerals:
Year 5 have been looking at Roman Numerals as a method of representing numerical values. 
They are able to identify Roman Numerals up to 1,000 and can convert Roman Numerals into 
the numbers we use in our number system and vice versa. They can understand how hundreds, 
tens and units are represented differently and solve mathematical problems written in Roman 

Using temperature in equations:
The children have been learning how to accurately read temperature including the difference 
between positive and negative readings. They have used their knowledge to work out the
difference in temperature between two locations and what the difference between a maximum 
and minimum temperature reading is.

The 5Ks of Sikhism:
As part of their religious education, Year 5 have been looking at Sikhism and the fundamentals
of the faith. They have learned about the 5Ks and their importance in Sikhism. They are able to
understand that the 5Ks are an act of religious commitment and can say what commitments
they make in their own lives.

The Creation Story:
Year 5 have been learning about the Christian interpretation of how God created the world. 
They understand that Christians believe the world was created in seven days and that God 
created something new on each day. Using a stroyboard they can correctly order the events of 
God's creation of the world.

The children have been conducting scientific investigations into the properties of different 
materials. One of the experiments they carried out was seeing which materials were soluble
when combined with water. They ensured that their test was fair and made predictions as to 
what would happen when different materials were placed in water. They accurately recorded 
their results and were able to draw conclusions from their findings. Building on their studies, 
they also outlined which pieces of equipment they would use to separate certain materials from 
others and gave reasons for their answers.

The Solar System:
Year 5 have been looking at space and the solar system which we live in. They are able to 
recognise that the sun is at the centre of our solar system and that we are one of the planets 
within it. They have drawn accurate diagrams with labels to demonstrate what our solar system 
looks like.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:
Year 5 are learning about the way sentences are constructed and how to correctly use spelling, 
punctuation and grammar. They have been focussing on a different element each week to build 
upon their learning and are applying what they have learnt in their writing.