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Collective Worship - 2021-2022

Year 1 - Collective worship

Well done to Year 1 for holding a beautiful collective worship about your class saint St Franics and class value of Peace. 

Year 3 - Collective worship

Well done Year 3 for such a wonderful collective worship on their class saint, St Veronica and class value of Courage. Thank you for having the courage to share with us some facts about St Veronica, the lovely singing of the hymns and the beautiful prayer.

Year 4 - Collective Worship

Well done to Year 4 for leanding such a lovely collective worship on on Generosity and for sharing the story of “The widow’s offering (Mark 12: 41–44)”. This helped us to understand the many different ways in which we can be Generous. It was great to see so many parents/guardians attend and support the children; they had the great opportunity to hear Year 4 sing wonderful songs about Generosity such as; Thank your lucky stars and Refuge.

Epiphany 2021

Ash Wednesday Service

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