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TAPESTRY is now working reliably so please access Thursdays and Fridays Home Learning via Tapestry - Thank you!

All videos and Learning activities avaliable via Tapestry from Thursday 21st January. If you need support with your log in or password please call the school office. 

Accessing The BigBlueButton:  Using Chrome please copy and paste the URL  https://fwsg.oc.web.school into your search engine.  Sign into BBB using your childs DB Primary username followed by @fwsg.org.  You will then need to put in the Access Code: https://fwsg.ocweb.school/b/mis-x3y-jjs-z0q  (copy and paste them into the correct page when invited to do so).  Connect your microphone when invited and connect your camera.  Then you can join your Online Classroom.

Week beginning 18th January 2021

Scroll down for daily learning activities...

Phonics Mrs Pedders group

In addition to the daily speed sound video watch one of these word time videos.





https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/EUy3QyKR/m9w9iDzW .

Use the red books in addition to the above daily.
1. Read the speed sounds in and out of order
2. Read the story green words, practise Fred in your head.
3. Read the red words (these words will need to be recognised by sight)
4. Read the speedy green words at the back of the book
5. Read one of the ditty stories.
Please let me know if you need any more help.
Thank you

Phonics Mrs Taken's Group

Wednesday 20th January - Extra Phonics avtivity

Today we are going to read words with 'e' as the middle sound

Have a practise reading the green words with Phil and then you can use the word machine to create more words to read.


Remember for an extra challenge you can write the words down.

Wednesday 20th January - Extra phonics viideo

Wednesday phonics.MOV

Wednesday 20th January - Maths

Today watch the counting songs




(Video 1) Then have a turn playing the game - you will need the game board and 10 cars (or small objects if you dont have cars)

Wednesday 20th January - Topic Video

Topic 1.MOVWed Topic.MOV

Wednesday 20th January - Topic

Today we are going to listen to the simple version of Red riding hood again. (video 1)

For your activity you can choose to complete the story map by cutting and sticking the pictures to retell the story


make your own story map with your own pictures, you can write some captions to go with the pictures. Dave had a try at making his own story map. (Video 2)

Story Time

Here are a few stories to listen to - I will add more next week.


Tuesday 19th January - Extra Phonics

Todays extra phonics we will practise blending words for reading using the word macine.
Have a watch with Phil using the word machine then have a turn by clicking on the link.


For an extra challenge can you write down the words you read?

Tuesday 19th January - Extra Phonics videos

Tuesday phonics.MOV

Tuesday 19th January - Maths videos

Tues Maths 1.MOVTues Maths.MOVTuesday Maths 3.MOV

Tuesday 19th January - Maths

Let's look at the Talking and Thinking picture talk about what you can see. (video 1)

How many people on the bus? where do you think they might be going?
Can you get 10 toys and put them in a row like they are on a bus. Dave is our bus driver.
Dave has 10 passengers.
Lets see how many get off at the first stop? (Watch Video 2)

There were ten people on the train. Six got off. There are four people left on the train. Ten take away six equals four.

Activity - can you set up a small station for your toys to catch the train.
Can you write the addition sum for when they get on and the subtraction sum for when they get off. (video 3)

Tuesday 19th January - Topic

Listen to the Red Riding Hood song.


Red Riding Hood was going to visit her Grandmother because she was poorly and was taking a basket with a pie in it with her.

What else do you think could have been in the basket?

Dave has some ideas of what to put in the basket see if you can help him make a list.
You can draw pictures of what goes in the basket too.
Dave would take - map - so he doesn't get lost, net - to catch the wolf! bag - Grandma loves bags, lap top - to play some games with Grandma, hot dog - Grandma likes to eat hot dogs.
If it's tricky to write the whole word then just try writing the initial sound.
You can add your own ideas to the list too.

Tuesday 19th January - Topic videos

Tues Topic.MOV

Monday 18th January - Extra Phonics

You have been working hard blending sounds for reading. Today we are going to segment the words for writing.
You need to write the words 'big and bad'.
If writing this caption is too tricky - you can practise letter formation by using the sheet attached instead.
Big and bad both start with the 'b' sound can you find any objects in your house starting with the b sound?

Monday 18th January - Extra phonics video

Mon extra phonics.MOV

Monday 18th January - Topic Videos

Topic 1.MOVTopic 2.MOV

Monday 18th January - Topic

This weeks traditional tale is Little Red Riding Hood.
Listen to the story - the wolf is not very kind! Can you describe what the wolf looks like?
For your activity can you draw a wold and label him.
(The children do not need to spell their labels correctly - just write the sounds they can hear, some children may just be identifying the initial sound, it is fine for them to write one or two sounds they can hear in each word.)
I look forward to seeing their wolf!

Monday 18th January - Maths

Today we will be taking away - you will need a number track, numbers, dice, small objects - even better if these are edible e.g. cereal, raisins, sweets. Paper and a pencil.
Watch the first video for a different way to use your number line.
Next watch video 2 remember to pause and talk about the Talking and thinking picture.
Lastly you will be taking away which is when you need the above resources. Watch the video 3.all objects - even better if these are edible e.g. cereal, raisins, sweets. Paper and a pencil.
Watch the first video for a different way to use your number line.
Next watch video 2 remember to pause and talk about the Talking and thinking picture.
Lastly you will be taking away which is when you need the above resources. Watch the video 3.

Monday 18th January - Math's Videos

Maths 1.MOVMaths 2.MOVMaths 3.MOV
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