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Trips and Workshops 2017-18

Throughout the academic year, each class attends a school trip linked to an area of study. These trips aim to further their subject knowledge and give them a more hands on experience of their  chosen topic. Our children always enjoy these educational visits and are keen to share their additional learning with staff, parents and other students.

Beowulf Workshop - Year 5

We were given a workshop by a Saxon called Kenrick. I found out that Egbert means ‘bright-eyed’ and that was one of Kenrick’s son’s names. First we thought about which places are Anglo-Saxon so if a place name ends in the word ‘ham’ then ‘ham’ means ‘village.’ Then we were put into three groups and we had to make a shape—either a circle or a rectangle and that would be the shape of our house. We had to pretend we were digging a trench in that
shape and we had to drop some ‘wood’ in the trench to form a house. We got some ‘straw’ together and formed a roof. After that we got some ‘twine’ and either weaved it or tied it around the house to keep it insulated. To ensure the house was in place we found some ‘clay’, but if there was no clay we had to use ‘cow poo’! A few people were chosen to act out the first part of the Beowulf story.

By Nya

The British Museum - Year 4

In the British museum we had an activity sheet where we had to find out facts about the  Ancient Egyptians. While we were doing the activities we saw the boats they used as transport and the homes that they lived in. We learned about the different types of pottery that the Egyptians used for drinking. We saw some of the sarcophagi (tombs) that the Pharaohs were buried in. We even saw a mummy!

By Shaeleah and Troy

Big Bus Tours - Year 4

On Monday Year 4 went into London and we stayed outside the whole day because we  watched the changing of the guard and we went on a big bus tour! We sat at the top of the bus (which had no roof!) and there was a lady called Joanne who told us all about the history
of London. We saw the London Eye which we learned could hold 800 people at one time. We also saw The Shard which is the tallest building in the UK. An interesting fact we found out was that people used to leave their waste in the streets and it all went into the River Thames. Another fact was that in the old days everyone had to drink beer—even children—because the water was so dirty! We had a perfectly amazing day and we all enjoyed the trip.

By Fayo and Jenelle

Dharma Mandir Hindu Temple - Year 6

We went to the Dharma Mandir which is a Hindu Temple. We had to take off our shoes because it’s a place of worship and it should be kept clean. When we walked in, the room was very colourful. There was a man there called Jason who taught us about Hinduism; he was really funny and he kept us hooked! He told us the story of Rama and Sita.: There was a king with three wives. One of his children was Rama and when Rama was eighteen he found a woman
called Sita and they got married. Rama was going to be king but he was exiled to the forest for fourteen years because his stepmother wanted her son to be king. While they were living in the forest Sita was kidnapped by a demon called Ravana and Rama had to rescue her with the help of the Monkey God Hanuman. When Rama and Sita came home the village was full of lights which is where the festival Diwali started. Jason also taught us life skills as well. He told us that if someone sneezes while another person is talking that means they are telling the truth. He also said that he always touches the feet of someone who is older than him as a sign of respect.

By Abyssinia in year 6 St James

St Paul's Cathedral - Year 2

On Monday I was very fortunate to accompany Mrs Felgate and Year 2 into London to visit St 
Paul’s Cathedral. The visit is an annual event so that the children understand a little about the 
holy place dedicated to their class saint. All of Year 2 were wonderful, enjoying looking at the 
artefacts and superb art work, listening to stories and engaging in a little role play and climbing
the many steps up to the whispering gallery. It was obviously exhausting as so many fell fast 
asleep on the coach home! Thank you to Mrs Felgate and the other staff for organising and 
accompanying the children on this memorable trip.

Celtic Harmony - Year 3

Celtic Harmony Trip

We saw people making a fire. In  the old days they didn’t have any electricity so they had to 
make a fire to keep warm. We built our own tents out of leaves and tree branches and an 
enormous tree. In the stone age they didn’t have houses like we have now so they had to make
their own houses with wood and sticky material. We were told a story about a little princess. A 
fairy made a curse that she would never speak. A magician told the princess that he was going 
to heal her. The magician gave her some medicine. Three days later she was healed. We also 
made a flint out of lolly sticks. We warmed up some soap then used the lolly sticks to cut off 
the edges

By Chris and Owura in Year 3

St Alban's - Year 4

Year 4’s St Alban’s Trip

Last week we visited the Verulamium Museum because we are learning about the Romans. 
Verulamium used to be the third biggest Roman city in Britain. We saw lots of mosaics—a 
mosaic is a pattern made out of tiny, singular cubes. We saw models of Roman houses and the 
coins they used—some of them were massive! We took part in a workshop to see how they
used to cook. We saw a stove and the types of bowls that they used and we found out they 
used to crush herbs using the bones of animals. Ria and Jamie dressed up like Roman people.
Ria was dressed like she was going to a dinner party and Jamie was dressed as a servant! One 
thing that I found out was when the Romans went to their dinner parties they perfumed their 
feet because they laid down and their feet would have been close to someone’s head.

By Ryan and Abigail A
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