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School Travel Plan


What is The School Travel Plan?

The School Travel Plan is a scheme that 
encourages both staff and students to make small yet sustainable changes to the way they travel to school. Its aim is to help the school be more mindful about how we get to school in a safe, active and responsible way.

What is the School doing to help?

As a school we try to encourage children to walk, cycle or use a scooter to get to school 
and discuss how we stay safe when we are travelling around the local area. We have visits from external providers to deliver workshops about road safety and we use public transport for school trips whenever possible.

The saftey of children is paramount in our school and we have a strict rule that no parents are permitted to use our driveway during school hours. We are very pleased that many parents have supported us in this mission and are reporting cars that are causing significant risk to our students to the office.

It's not all doom and gloom though! Our bike club and gardening club are helping children 
to learn how to maintain their bikes as well as teaching them about healthy foods they 
can plant in their own back gardens!

We were awarded with the bronze award for our travel plan strategies this year and are 
hoping that with even more hard work we can all help to encourage helathy and happy 
journeys to school.

What are our results?

This year's results show that although less children are walking to school than last year 
there is a significant rise in the number of parents who are parking further away from 
the school and walking rather than driving up to the main entrance.

This is a fantastic result for us as it means there is less congestion and traffic around 
the area immediately outside the school so children are at less risk from traffic.

Children are also continuing to cycle to schooland the majority of children are still walking 
to school.

We are hoping to continue promotion of the park and stride scheme to encourage parents
who are driving from further away to help their children get at least 5 minutes of walking in for their children before they start the school day.

We are also pleased that the number of children who would prefer to use a car to getto school would instead enjoy cycling or using a scooter. We believe these are things we can help promote in the following year to helpchildren have a fun and healthy journey to school. 

How can YOU help?

There are lots of things parents can do to help us with our School Travel Plan. Simple 
things such as parking an extra 5 minutes away from school and then walking up help both you and your children get in an extra few minutes exercise every morning.

Children are always welcome to come to school on their bikes or scooters - as long as they are wearing crash helmets - it's a great way for them to keep fit and have fun!

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