Autumn Term 1

Pathway's Assembly

First they introduced themselves and then we played a little game where one person had to 
stand with a blindfold which was Nya. The other three people – Ariarne, Riley and Derrick -  
had to say something that was written on a card and Nya had to guess who they were – she 
guessed two of them but she didn’t recognise Ariarne’s voice. After, they told us a story about
Samuel and Ely. Ely was a priest in the Temple and Samuel was his assistant. 

Kennedy played Samuel and Darren was Ely. Maureen told the story and every time Samuel 
heard someone say his name he kept going to Ely because he thought it was Ely calling him but it was actually God’s voice. Samuel told Ely about the voice – Ely told Samuel that next time he heard the voice he had to say “speak Lord, your servant is listening.” When Samuel answered God He wanted to tell Samuel that Ely’s son was in trouble because he’d done a bad thing. We both learned that we should always listen to important people like our teachers and parents because they can help us understand the important things in life.

By Anastasia and Tiya in Year 3 

Anansi Assembly and Workshop

Anansi was talking about the ‘unknown challenge’ – he had to face the challenge. The king, who was very wealthy, said “I want to get Death’s Staff” and he gave Anansi a week to complete the challenge. Then the King sent Anansi because he wanted him to die in the challenge because he was fed up of his bragging! But Anansi was very clever and wise and he was a trickster!

Anansi went back to his home to tell his wife that he was going to face the ‘Unknown 
Challenge’ so his wife packed a lot of food like bananas, mangoes, jollof rice and fried chicken.
Then Anansi went on his journey. Whilst he was going there he met a stream – the stream 
asked Anansi for some of his mangoes – but Anansi did not want to share his food. Then 
Anansi thought and he said to the stream he would help him but asked for the stream’s help 
in return in the future. Then he met an army of ants who looked cross but they were just 
hungry – they said “Anansi, can we have some fried chicken?” but Anansi did not want to share his food again. Then he thought about it and offered the ants some chicken in return for 
their help in the future.

First of all, Death was very kind to Anansi because he hadn’t had any guests for a long time 
and he said “come and have a sleepover with me” to Anansi. However Death was just tricking 
him and wanted to gobble him up. Anansi knew Death’s tricks so he tried to stay awake all 
night. So Death was waiting and waiting for Anansi to fall asleep but he was furious to see 
Anansi was still awake. So Death said “Anansi why aren’t you sleeping?” Anansi replied “The 
bed was too hard and the pillow was too soft!” So Death sent his people to change the bed to 
make Anansi more comfortable. Then Death closed the door and waited for Anansi to go to 
sleep but he was completely annoyed when he found out Anansi was still awake! When morning came, Anansi and Death had breakfast together. Luckily, Death showed Anansi his beautiful staff. When Anansi saw the staff he turned around when Death was not looking and quickly ran out the door!

Finally he came to the King. The King had promised Anansi that if he succeeded he could have
half of the Kingdom, but when the King saw Anansi he said “How did you do that? How can you be the only person to defeat Death!?” but then he said “ a promise is a promise” and Anansi was given half the kingdom.

- brilliantly remembered by Alfie in Year 4 St Matthew

Many thanks go to our wonderful storyteller Wendy Shearer

Black History Day

To celebrate October being Black History month, we had a 'Black history Day' where 
children were invited to wear traditional costumes or brightly coloured outfits. They were
also treated to a yummy special menu of jerk chicken and jollof rice with a Jamaican 
chocolate cake with whipped cream for dessert!