Spring Term 1

Chinese New Year!

Sarah (Year 3) and Chris (Year 1) helped us celebrate Chinese New Year in our assembly on 
Monday. They shared their traditions – especially that of new clothes and red envelopes – and 
informed us that it was now the Year of the Monkey. It is always a privilege to learn from our 
children, including customs and practices that play an important part in their lives.

Children enjoyed a Chinese lunch on Tuesday and will participate in a Chinese Dance workshop after half term.

Valentine’s Disco

A huge thank you, as always, goes to our FRIENDS who organised a fantastic Valentine’s Disco event for the children last night. The children had a brilliant time! Thanks also go to all 
helpers and staff who were on hand to help.

Pathway’s Assembly

First we played a game where we had to choose what we would rather do. There were two
options for each person and one was “you’re going to your friend’s house and their mum’s 
trying a new recipe” and you had to choose between frog spawn soup and worm salad.

After this we were told the story about when Moses separated the waters of the red sea. 
The Israelites were working for the Egyptians as slaves. When they left the Israelites 
thought that they only had two options – to fight or to drown in the sea but Moses knew there was another option and he told them to walk towards the red sea and he separated the water. God sent down angels to stop the Egyptians from chasing them and they walked across the sea. When they were nearly there God told the angels to stop so the Egyptians started 
chasing them again but as they chased the Israelites the sea closed in on them.

I think the moral of the story is that there are always more than just two options because 
Moses relied on God so we can also ask God to help us when we have to make difficult 

By Sophia in Year 5

Year 1’s Toy Workshop

Year 1 were very lucky to be visited by Don and Katherine on Wednesday who taught them 
all about toys from the past. This was part of Year 1’s Learning Challenge topic “How are
our toys different from the past?” They learned about how the special wooden toys worked
and were lucky enough to make their own wooden toys using real equipment (all under 
supervision of course!) 

Magna Carta Assembly and Workshop

This week commenced with an engaging presentation of the Magna Carta Story by two actors 
who took on the roles of Baron Robert Fitzwalter and King John. They skilfully - and
sometimes rather scarily - took us back in time to 1215 when King John ruled and did what he
liked! He did not follow any rules and treated poor people badly. The barons - played by some 
talented impromptu actors from Year 5 - helped to overcome the King and forced him to 
agree to a set of rules known as the Magna Carta. This document was signed 800 years ago. 
We were just slightly late in celebrating this important event in English history. The children 
learned a lot and I think they will remember this performance - not least for the sword!