Summer Term 1

St George's Day Service

Thank you to everyone who attended our service on Monday. The children looked super in their community uniforms and we were grateful to Mrs Beckwith and Mr Cunningham for assisting with the parade. George in Year 6 appeared proud to present the statuette of his namesake for blessing by Father Taemin and helped him with the ceremony. Year 3 all read the story of St George beautifully so a special well done to them too. All in all a very fitting service. Our next whole school service will be our Leavers' Eucharist on July 19th. We hope that many of you, especially Year 6 parents, will join us. 

Prayer Garden Blessing

On Tuesday, our school council joined Father Taemin to bless the Prayer Garden dedicated to
our old Site Manager Alf Pope. The space, which is just behind “The Bunker” next to the Year
5 classroom, has been decorated with beautiful ornaments and wind chimes and is a special
place for children and staff to sit if they need time to pray or to be with God. Our school
council did a fantastic job and we would also like to thank Father Taemin for helping us in this
very special event.

Pathway’s Assembly

At the beginning of assembly, Maureen needed some water so Amber gave her a small bottle of water and then gave her a medium sized bottle, then a big sized bottle and then she gave her an extra-large bottle of water and they told us that the story was about a man getting more than what he needed- he just needed money but Peter and John gave him something even better than money. They had to pick 3 people to play the parts of ‘Peter,’ John and a lame man. They picked Kennedy, Tobi and Harrison. In the story, there was a lame man who couldn’t walk so he had to sit on the floor in the street and then he had to put his hands out to beg for money to buy food.

Peter and John walked past and said they couldn’t give him money but they could give him the power to walk again. They said ‘let you walk’ and the lame man started to walk and jump around and dancing. The lame man said “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” Peter and John went back to their homes and the lame man went back to find a home. People had found out about what peter and John had done and they started asking questions and saying ‘how could they do that – they’re just ordinary men?’ but they did it with the power of God.

The message was saying that God will always provide us with what we need and not what we
want. If you believe in God and you follow Jesus’ path then you will be given God’s power to
heal people when they need it the most. After this, they told us the difference between
needing and wanting. When you need something for yourself or for another person that’s when you can use the power of God, but you can’t use it just because you want something.

By Tijani and Olive—Year 3

First of all, Maureen had a bad throat and Amber gave her a water bottle and she kept giving
her bigger water bottles so that her throat would get better. The story that they told us was
about a man who couldn’t walk, run or jump. He couldn’t get a job so he didn’t have a home or any food or any money. They picked three volunteers – George, Louis and Jonathan – and
George and Louis played Peter and John and Jonathan was the man who couldn’t walk.

George and Louis were walking by and they saw the man and the man asked them for some
money but they didn’t have any money. They gave him something even better! They said “in
Jesus’ name, jump up on your feet and dance.” The man jumped up and started dancing in the
name of the Lord.

The story taught us that if you need something and you ask God for help then he will give you
something even bigger and better – the same way Amber gave Maureen a bigger and better
water bottle each time.

By Morayo in Year 6