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Bah Humbug!
We had a great afternoon yesterday when once again the Flying Pizza Theatre Company 
entertained us with a retelling of a classic story. This year the children were treated to 
“Scrooge” excellently performed by just two actors who took on a host of roles. They kept the 
children entranced from start to finish, with superb storytelling through acting, with occasional 
songs to lighten the mood; rounding off a great start to the new school term.

Pathway's Assembly

There was a caring shepherd who had 100 sheep. One day, when he woke up, he discovered 
that one of his sheep was missing. He searched for the sheep and didn’t stop looking until the 
sheep was found in one of the bushes – the sheep had got stuck! On the way back to the house 
he shouted to everyone he passed “I’ve found my sheep!” He had a party to celebrate finding
the sheep. The shepherd realised that all the sheep were the same and were equally important. 
This tells us that God loves everybody equally and that if one of his people goes missing He will
still look for them because He loves all of us. Even when we do something bad, God still loves

By Jaiden and Enaiya in Year 2

Chinese Dance Workshop

It was lovely to see our hall looking so colourful with Chinese dragons, fans and parasols, as the
children all took part in a workshop to mark Chinese New Year. They all had fun and learned a
little bit of Chinese culture from the styles of dancing. School Council have asked if we can do 
something similar for Diwali so that will be put into the diary for Autumn 2017.
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