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Summer Term 1

Pathway’s Assembly

The story was about a man named Gideon and he didn’t trust in God and he was a very weak 
person. One day an angel came to Gideon and said that he had a job for Gideon. Because 
Gideon didn’t believe in God he asked the angel to prove itself. Gideon asked “Why did God 
choose me when I am a weak person?” The angel said that God would help him to be strong. 
The angel wanted him to get men for an army to fight but God said there were too many men 
and that if there were too many then people would believe the army was the reason for victory
and not because God had helped them.
Zac was chosen to be one of the soldiers when we acted the story out and he held a special 
kind of trumpet.
The lesson was that you should always believe in God because even when you are weak, God
will be with you to make you strong.
The whole story was told through a poem – we really liked the poem!

By Grace and Zac in Year 2
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