Trips 2015-2016

Throughout the academic year, each class attends a school trip linked to an area of study. These trips aim to further their subject knowledge and give them a more hands on experience of their chosen topic. Our children always enjoy these educational visits and are keen to share their additional learning with staff, parents and other students.

Year 3 enjoyed a fascinating trip back in time to the Celtic Harmony Camp where they learned all about life in the Stone Age. They were taught how to make fire and built their own dens in the woods. They also carved pieces of soap flint and traded various pieces of real Stone Age artefacts in the afternoon!

Minehead Residential Trip - Year 6

Bear Hunt Adventure - Reception

Reception had a wonderful time on their trip on Thursday 12th November where they went
on a 'Bear Hunt' in Suntrap Forest. Read on and have a look ath pictures below to see what
they discovered!

Celtic Harmony - Year 3


The Globe Theatre - Year 5

On Tuesday, Year 5 visited Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to participate in a workshop led by
an actor from the Royal Shakespeare Company:

"We took two trains – one over ground and one underground to get to the Globe. When we got there we walked to St Paul’s Cathedral where we ate our lunch, once we had eaten our lunch we walked to the Globe and we went on a very long bridge! When we arrived at the theatre, a lady asked us a few questions about what we already knew about the Globe then she took us to see the theatre. We sat down in the chairs and the woman told us about the Globe and she told us how many Globe theatres there were.

We learned that there were three Globe Theatres that were rebuilt and after we learnt more
about the theatre we went downstairs and we did some acting. We were acting out ‘A
Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and the lady told us some lines we had to learn and then we had to say them and we all got them right! Then she chose a few people to do some more acting and we all sat in a circle around them and quite a few people laughed because some boys had to play girls and some girls had to play boys! Afterwards we walked back to the station and we took an overground and underground train and then we walked back to school."

By Leon in Year 5

Year 4 St Peter's Trip to Palm House Garden Centre

On Friday, my class travelled on a wonderful journey to the Gardening Centre. It is on the
street of Wolves Lane.

Just after I arrived in the classroom at school we got ready to go on the school trip to the
fascinating Gardening Centre. It was so exciting we couldn’t contain ourselves from shouting.
It was a one hour tiring journey on the bus (public transport). Once we finally got on the bus,
it was very tiring and extremely loud. The first bus 279 was around ten stops until the second
bus which was 191 and was two stops. After that, we walked on foot for the rest of the

At the centre it was scorching hot! Once we got there Angela (the person who is in control of
the place) showed us around. After that she told us much more about the rainforest, habitats
and photosynthesis.

The very first feature we looked at was the model desert. It was now blazing hot! Most of the
children in my class couldn’t take the extreme heat. I personally liked the heat. After that, we
went to the majestic rainforest. We had to find artificial animals – if some of the creatures
had been alive they would have been very dangerous! After that, we did leaf hunting. While we
were doing that, we saw terrapins and enormous fish. In the classroom at the centre we
handled a lot of animals. My favourite animal was the corn snake. When we came back to school
at 3:00pm, we got packed for home time and did some class reading and after that we all went

By Daniel

My trip was amazing!

At the beginning we all sat in our seats and listened to Mrs Burt. She asked us if we all had
our lunches. 27 of us said yes but 2 of us said “No!” We were going by bus – it took us two
buses to get there.

Finally, we got to the garden. We met a lady called Angela – she was very nice to us. She
started telling us about the place – there was a desert area and a Rainforest area. It was like
a mini tour. In the desert we looked at some cacti - cacti grow with water making them expand.
We went into the mini rainforest and it actually rained and there were rain drops on the trees.
We learnt loads of things.

We went to the primary room to handle some creatures – it was a lot of fun! My favourite
creature was the snake because it was scaly and strong. After lunch we went back to school. It
was very hot.

By Abyssinia

On Friday morning we went to a garden centre, to get there we took two buses. When we were
there our tour guide told us that we would be learning about habitats and rainforests.

My class visited three different areas:
The Desert Area
The Rainforest Area
The Palm House

In the desert I saw lots of cacti. I was the first one to find out what the leaves on a cactus
were. The answer is the pointy bits.

After that, we walked into the rainforest. We had to find fake animals. I found two snakes,
one frog and a chameleon.

Then we went into the Palm House. We had a challenge to find as many different leaves as we
could. At the back of the Palm House there were terrapins – they were so cute!

I went into the classroom where we were allowed to hold creatures. First I held a giant
woodlouse which tickled my hand. Next we saw a spider and a frog but we weren’t allowed to
touch them. At the end I touched a white snake. The only things we didn’t see at Wolves Lane
Garden Centre were … wolves!

By Ada

On Friday the 6th May we had a class trip to Wolves Lane. We went by bus in our groups. I was
in Mrs Genco’s group. An hour and a half later we arrived at Wolves Lane! I was so excited to
see the animals but first we went to see the Desert House.

Inside the Desert House there was an awful amount of cacti. There were ones that are so big
they had to take the spikes off. Some of the cacti’s spikes were so small they looked like hairs.
After ten minutes we were allowed to see the Rainforest House.

Inside the Rainforest we touched a purple leaf that was slimy. As we walked further into the
rainforest House we saw fake creatures and arachnids (animals from the spider family). After
a minute, mist started to come out of the pipe to water the plants and some of it went on us!

At last, we were allowed to go into the Palm House with our leaf quiz. Moni and I found
everything after five minutes. My favourite things about the Palm House were the carp,
goldfish and terrapins. As we made our way into the classroom I saw enclosures. As we sat
down we passed the animals around except for the tarantula. We got to hold a hissing
cockroach, a frog, a gecko and a white snake.

We all had a delicious lunch but sadly we had to go home on the long bus trip and on the bus we
found out that Terra House had won the most House points.

By Erin

On Friday, we went to the Garden Centre to increase our knowledge about the rainforest!

When we got to the centre the lovely lady asked us about the facts we already knew about the
rainforest – she was extremely impressed!

Just after we finished talking we made our own rainforest! At the top was the emergent which
I played. I had to hold the leaf really high! There are only one or two emergent trees in an
acre. Then there was the canopy layer which is where most of the animals live – Moni held a
pair of leaves to represent the canopy. A little deeper is the understory. Kristof held a bit of
wood and a dark cloth because it is very dark in the understory. Finally there was the forest
floor which was played by Quinton who had a bowl of leaves, sticks and logs because the forest
floor is covered in trees, leaves and sticks.

After we finished building our rainforest, she took us into the desert. It was scalding
hot – just imagine if it had been a real desert! There was a range of cacti and the lady told us
that the spiky thorn of the cactus is the leaf. When we entered the rainforest the nice lady
told us what the six animals were that we had to find. My group eventually found them all.

Just before we went to lunch we went to the Palm House. We were given a choice if we wanted
to do the hard quiz or the easy quiz. In the booklet it had different leaves we had to look for.
By the time we found them all it was lunch time! The people sharing my mat had a feast! It was
such an enjoyable day and by the end of the day we were all on gold!

By Liya

On Friday we went to a class trip. We went to a desert area and a rainforest area; we also
went to the classroom. We got to handle desert creatures for example a tarantula and
rainforest creatures like a hissing cockroach.

We got to handle a snake, hissing cockroaches and a frog. Also it was Mrs Burt’s first time
handling these creatures.

By Kristof

The lady asked us “do any of you know about the rainforest?” Then we told her some facts
such as telling her that it rains a lot in the rainforest and that the emergent layer is between
60 and 62 metres. She told us that some creatures such as lizards, spiders, snakes and geckos
live in the desert and asked us if we knew about any plants that lived in the desert. We knew
that cacti lived in the desert. Then Angela asked us how cacti survive in the desert and we
answered that it took water from the ground and takes in sunlight.

When we got into the desert area we saw a huge cactus and we noticed that the leaves on the
cactus were spiky. I thought we might see animals in the desert but we didn’t.

At the canopy there was a real pond and there were stuffed animals. I felt the leaves on some
of the plants – they were so smooth. It started to rain even though we were indoors!

In the live habitat area I thought we might see live animals such as lizards, geckos or
anacondas but the only live animals were turtles. They were the slowest animals I had ever
seen. When we went into the classroom I saw creatures and I remember Mrs Burt telling us
that even though she had come here several times before she had never touched one of the

I thought it was good to see the live animals and learn about which animals live in the desert. I
also liked learning about the different parts of a cactus.

By Quinton