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School Blessing

At the beginning of the year, Fr. Taemin blessed the school with prayers for a successful, happy and healthy academic year. Each room in the school was blessed with holy water and the children and staff were gathered outside to receive a whole school blessing.

'For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.' - Proverbs 2:6


One of the most important elements of our religious teaching is that children also learn about other faiths and their practices. This allows them to share their own experience of the Christian faith with other members of religious communities and develop their spiritual awareness and understanding. Year 3 were very privileged to once again meet representatives of Southgate Progressive Synagogue to learn about the Jewish way of life. They were able to see first-hand some of the key Jewish artefacts such as the Torah scrolls and the Ark. They were also shown the shofar and learned the Hebrew thanksgiving blessing for bread and wine. We were so grateful to the Synagogue for sharing such a wealth of information with the children and for their hospitality. 

Dharma Mandir Visit

As part of their RE learning about Hinduism, Year 6 visited the Dharma Mandir Temple to discover more about the Hindu way of life. We were very lucky to be greeted by Jason who told the children the story of Rama and Sita and Diwali. The children also learned about the Hindu holy book and some of the major deities in the Hindu religion. Here's what the children said about their experience:

"Thank you Jason! We appreciate that you gave up your precious time to accommodate us at your beautiful Dharma Mandir."

"Hare Krishna Jason! We thank you for your teachings and for telling us the story of Rama and Sita in a remarkable manner. We were grateful to hear the story told in a funny and memorable way. Thank you for letting us learn your version of the Rama and Sita story – I will now take the story and share it with others in my own way."

"Thank you for helping us learn more about how Hindus live and worship; you taught us more about how important it is to show respect for people and other faiths."

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RE Week

During RE Week we had the great opportunity of welcoming guest speakers from the Buddhist, Islamic and Jewish faith. They all spoke about the theme of the week; which was charity, giving and generosity. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different religions.

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