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Welcome to Year 3 St Veronica

Class Teacher - Mrs Asghar

Our Class Saint

St Veronica offered a cloth for Jesus to wipe His face as He went to His crucifixion. The image of Christ's face was imprinted onto the cloth. Her feast day is the 12th July and she is the Patron Saint of laundry workers and photographers.

Our Class Value

Year 3's class value is 'Courage'.  This value is celebrated in November.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

Year 3 Autumn Newsletter

End of Year Expectations

Year 3 Autumn Timetable

Year 3 Learning


Yr. 3 will be following the Rising Stars scheme.  Each week we will focus on a maths concept. This term it is ‘All about Numbers’ - this includes Hundreds, tens and ones, Comparing and ordering numbers, Representing numbers and Mental and written calculations. 


In Literacy, we will read and use a range of fiction and non-fiction genres based on our Stone Age topic and in the Autumn term 1 we shall be visiting Celtic Harmony where we shall be taking part in a Stone Age Day.

On Friday’s, the children are taught Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling patterns. Spellings Test and words will go home every Friday, the children will have a week to learn them and will be assessed the following Friday.



The children will learn about the story of our class Saint – St Veronica – who represents Courage and what it is that makes a person a Saint.  We will discuss what we can learn from the lives of Saints and how Christians are inspired by them to live closely to God.

The Bible's Big Story 

In Autumn 1, we shall learn about ‘The Bible’s Big Story’ and during Autumn 2, ‘How Jesus’ new commandment makes a difference to the lives of Christians’, together with ‘How Advent and Epiphany show us what Christmas is really about’


Amazing Bodies – We will be considering what humans need to survive and will learn about some of the muscles in the body and how these help to move our skeleton.

The children will carry out investigations to see whether features of a person’s body affect their performance in certain activities. In addition, we will be linking the topic to diet, strength and movement of cavemen.

Yr. 3 followed a set of instructions and made their own woolly mammoths out of paper - see below:


For the autumn term our topic will be  What does prehistory teach us?’  Within this topic, the children will be studying the Stone Age, the Iron Age and Bronze Age.

They will make comparisons between the different periods and develop their understanding of the chronology of this time. The children will learn how these people lived and the differences between these times.  In addition, the children will be encouraged to compare the period and will be taught how to use maps to locate the different settlements.

As part of our Black History Month Celebration, the children will learn about Who are our Black Inventors and what they achieved?’, one will be male the other female. 


We shall be using the ‘2Simple’ software to create a Stone Age animation which shows the daily routines of life and survival.

Year 3's Trip to Celtic Harmony

Yr. 3 recently went on their first school trip of the year to Celtic Harmony.  When they arrived they were greeted by Soulis  - a lady from the Stone Age who helped to transport them all back in time to the Stone Age era.   During the day the children took part in a range of activities such as den building, hunting for woolly mammoths and foraging for food.  They watched in amazement as Soulis made a fire with sticks as well as sharpening flint stones and much much more!

Yr. 3 really enjoyed their trip and learnt so much.  Thank you to Miss Pavlou and Miss Lucy for organising such a wonderful day.

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