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Our Staff at Freezywater St George's

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs M Sheehan - Worship Coordinator, Foundation Curriculum Leader
Head of School with Responsibility for Inclusion: Mrs L Amin - Foundation & Phonics Curriculum Leader

Assistant Head: Miss Headley - Year 6 Class teacher - English Curriculum Leader
Office Manager: Mrs G McGeever
Site Manager: Mr A Cunningham

Mrs Aslan
Administrative  Assistant
School Office
Mrs Whittall
Well-Being and Parent Liaison Officer
Deputy Child Protection Officer
Whole School
Mrs Curran School Counsellor Whole School
Mrs Taken Learning Assistant


RWI intervention group 

Miss Fortune Learning Assistant / Playleader


RWI intervention group 

Mrs Croci

Learning Assistant

Year 4
Mrs McIntyre Relief Learning Assistant  Year 4

Mrs Walker

Learning Assistant / Playleader

Year 2 - Designated children

RWI intervention group 

Mrs Ciceu Leanring Assistant / Playleader Year 3 - Designated Children
Mrs Genco Learning Assistant (3 days a week) Whole school support
Mrs Leonida
Teaching Assistant with 1:1 
Responsibility / Playleader
Year 6 - Designated Children

Mrs West


Learning Assistant (3 1/2 days a week)

Year 1

RWI intervention group teacher

Mrs Marcou Learning Assistant
Year 3 - Designated Children

Mrs Falzone

Learning Assistant / Speech & Language / Phonics support  

Miss Gunel

Learning Assistant with 1:1 Responsibility / Playleader

Year 1 - Designated children


Mr Kabeya  Learning Assistant  Year 5
Mrs Sumsion
Mrs Raymond
Mrs Ciceu
Ms Fortune
Ms Dogan 
Mrs Lai
Lunchtime Playleaders
Lunchtimes across the Whole
Mrs Sampong
Kitchen Cook
Lunchtimes across the Whole
Mrs Wheeler
Kitchen Assistant
Lunchtimes aross the Whole 
Ms Chau Kitchen Assistant Lunchtimes across the whole school
Mrs Beckwith
Count on Bursar
School Office
Mr Grenfell and Team
Whole School Sports Coach


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