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Autumn Term Newsletter and Timetable

Year 1 Learning


Writing a Fairy Tale:
Year 1 have been looking at traditional fairy tales in their English learning and wiritng their own
versions of classic stories. They can recognise common features used in fairy tales such as "Once
upon a time" as a sentence opening and are able to sequence events correctly. The children can
use capital letters and finger spaces confidently and have begun to develop the skill of
re-reading and editing their own work.

Writing Instructions:
Year 1 have been looking at instructions and have learnt that instructions are written to tell
people how to do something. They learnt how to read and follow a set of instructions to make
their very own gingerbread men! They then went on to write their own instructions of how to
make a jam sandwich and created posters with important instructions including how to wash
your hands properly and how to cross the road safely.

Learning Challenge

How are our toys different from the past?:
The children have been looking at toys - past and present - as part of their Learning Challenge
this term. They were visited by Don and Katherine who helped them to make their own wooden
toys based on popular toy designs from the past. They then wrote about their expeirence using
full stops and capital letters and words such as 'first,' 'next,' and 'finally,' to explain the order in
which they had built their model.

Where do the leaves go in Winter?:
Year 1 have been looking at their big question: "Where do the leaves go in winter?" as part of
their learning challenge. They have been exploring this question in their topic books and in their
science investigations. The children can confidently name the four seasons of the year and
describe the differences between them - either by talking about the different holidays throughout
the year or how the trees look different. As part of their investigation, they walked to the park
to collect leaves and then wrote about how the leaves change through the different seasons.


Doubling Numbers up to 10:
Year 1 have been learning what the doubles of the numbers 1-10 are. They know how to work
out what double a number is and can put them into number sentences.

Shape Properties and Positions:
In Maths, Year 1 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. They can correctly identify a shape
by looking at its properties and can give the shape the right name. They have used their
knowledge to draw Maths pictures and label which shapes they have used to make it. Year 1
have also been looking at positions: behind, in front, left, right, backwards and forwards. They
worked in groups to describe their positions in comparison with each other.


As part of their RE Focus Week, the whole school was visited by a representative of a Hindu
Temple. They learned what Hinduism is and were able to describe the beliefs of Hindu people.

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