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School Priorities 2023-2024

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Our school priorities very much focus around our vision, with our targets linking back to supporting all pupils ‘…… fulfilling their full potential and achieving their dreams and aspirations.’ Central, is the importance of the whole child, helping them to grow in ‘Heart, Mind & Spirit.’  

Leadership and Management

  • To promote partnership working, to support St. James’ & Freezywater St. George’s in areas such as: financial, professional learning, peer to peer support and quality of teaching and learning.
  • Leaders to review the current partnership arrangement in place between St. James’ and Freezywater St. George’s clarify and agree next steps.
  • To continue to develop leadership at all levels, providing opportunities to cultivate and grow new leaders.
  • Curriculum leaders to continue to develop their understanding of the quality of teaching and learning within their subject through observation, using the findings to inform and drive their in-class support.

Behaviour & Attitudes

  • To continue to monitor our safeguarding provision, procedure and practice across the school.
  • To review lunchtime routines and implement changes to promote a calm and positive lunchtime experience for all.
  • Draw on the good practice of a range of different settings to provide the best possible support for identified pupils with SEMH needs.

Quality of Education (Intent, Implementation & Impact)

  • In some areas the curriculum is overloaded with content. This affects how well pupils learn and remember what they are taught. Leaders need to refine further the essential content in some foundation subjects so that pupils learn and remember even more. (OFSTED)
  • The computing curriculum is underdeveloped. Pupils’ understanding in this subject is inconsistent. Leaders should ensure that the curriculum programme for computing is strengthened so that pupils have more effective opportunities to build their knowledge and skills securely over time. (OFSTED)
  • Review and develop the English curriculum to support reading comprehension and writing.
  • Review assessment tools and processes to ensure that these are still fit for purpose and effective in supporting pupil development across the curriculum.
  • Implement an evidence based whole partnership understanding of principles behind high quality teaching and learning. (Rosenshine)


  • Share with other schools, the excellent work that has been developed around supporting strong mental health and wellbeing for pupils and adults within the school community to enrich the lives of others. (SIAMS target)
  • Further extend the impact of the Art Therapist across the school community through bespoke projects.
  • Continue to develop partnership working in relation to personal development opportunities, such as social and functional skills, sports etc.
  • Review and measure the impact of pupil development opportunities, specifically in relation to trips and action appropriately.

Early Years Development

  • To have a continued focus on providing early intervention for pupils with SEND to ensure they make the best possible progress from their starting points.
  • To continue to increase opportunities to enhance pupils language and vocabulary development.
  • Plan to open a school-based Nursery provision in September 2024.
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