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School Priorities 2016 to 2017 September 2016

Our school priorities are based on the need to ensure consistency of excellent teaching and 
support across the school, accurate and purposeful assessment, raising standards in reading, 
writing and maths and ensuring our children are nurtured and allowed to develop into 
responsible global citizens. Priorities are set within the context of an ever-changing school 
population, the majority of whom operate in more than one language.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To ensure all learning is appropriately challenging and matched to new higher expectations
  • To embed the teaching of Curriculum 2014 maths across the school, using Rising Stars
    Maths, ensuring rigorous application of maths in problem solving questions and high
    quality teaching and learning
  • To ensure the accuracy and positive impact of assessment – both formative and 
    summative – and ensure that data from Pupil Tracker (based on teacher assessment) and 
    results of Rising Stars Tests are used consistently to improve learning outcomes
  • To raise standards in reading comprehension at all levels across the school through a new
    rigour, greater challenge, parental engagement and higher expectations of children as
  • To embed updated Learning Challenges, including the principles of “Big Questions” (within
    a Humanities and Scientific framework)
  • To improve writing such that children demonstrate mastery across a range of genres and 
  • To improve questioning skills and encourage deeper thought in order to ensure mastery of
    the curriculum is demonstrated
  • To improve the use of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting across the
    school – rigorous application and high expectations
  • In all the above to support the learning of EAL and advanced bilingual children
    across the school and those who require support in the use of English
  • To encourage the same high quality marking in all subjects so that pupils are clear
    how they can improve (Ofsted Target)

Pupil Outcomes

  • To ensure all children can articulate their targets purposefully and use feedback to improve 
    their learning
  • To ensure consistency across the school in feedback and marking
  • To allow pupils enough opportunities to work independently and use their initiative 
    (Ofsted Target)

Behaviour, Safety and Welfare

  • To embed Building Learning Power (resilience, reflectiveness, resourcefulness, reciprocity) to
    develop the life-skills children require in a demanding world
  • To enable children to manage distractions and to develop a strong work ethic in order to
    meet new expectations
  • To ensure consistency in the application of our Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct
  • To ensure positive, safe and professional, uncluttered learning environments
  • To ensure all staff are trained in safeguarding, including e-safety and radicalisation and 
    recognise and act on concerns
  • To provide appropriate professional advice and support for children’s mental as well as 
    physical well-being

Leadership and Management

  • To ensure Quality First teaching for the benefit of all children, especially Pupil 
    Premium and EAL children and other disadvantaged children
  • To finalise and embed our curriculum with due regard to breadth and balance,  attainment
    and progress and the distinctiveness of our school as a church school
  • To support staff in the higher expectations within Primary Education and staff 
  • To develop systems to promote a healthier work-life balance for teachers at all levels and to 
    prevent overload (whilst maintaining rigour and accountability)
  • To embed an appropriate system of assessment to meet the demands of the new curriculum
    and higher expectations
  • To ensure Learning Assistants deliver effective intervention programmes and/or classroom 
    support in core subjects impacting positively on pupil progress – especially Pupil Premium 
    and other disadvantaged children
  • To monitor the effectiveness and impact of staff CPD
  • To support staff in embarking on higher level training to improve their performance, insight 
    and capability as teachers

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

  • To nurture children’s spirituality through high quality RE and Worship
  • To continue to embed Values Education,  strengthening the link between values and 
    reverence and remaining aware of our duty to promote British Values
  • To introduce and develop BLP through assemblies (collective worship), staff CPD, children
    and parental engagement
  • To embrace  Cultural Identity and Global Citizenship within our learning, preparing children
    to be global citizens

Annie Gaudencio

September 2016