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School Priorities 2020-2021

Our school priorities very much focus around our vision, with our targets linking back to supporting all pupils ‘……fulfilling their full potential and achieving their dreams and aspirations.’ Central, is the importance of the whole child, helping them to grow in ‘Heart, Mind & Spirit.’  

Leadership and Management

  • To develop leadership at all levels.
  • To further strengthen the role of all governors to increase their impact across the school.

Behaviour & Attitudes

  • To maintain high standards of safeguarding policy, procedure and practice across the school.
  • To up-skill staff to ensure they have an understanding of all vulnerable groups and strategies that can be used to support emotional regulation and positive behaviour. 

Quality of Education (Intent, Implementation & Impact)

  • To embed the recently reviewed curriculum changes within the foundation subjects.
  • The key skills of phonics and reading are applied more widely across the curriculum so that a higher proportion of early year’s children and key stage 1 pupils achieve a greater depth in their reading. (OFSTED)
  • Pupils’ skills acquired in phonics sessions are applied more widely across the curriculum at key stage 1 so that they continue to support spelling and grammar. (OFSTED)
  • To promote a love of reading for all pupils across the school.
  • To ensure the provision of a personalised curriculum for all pupils with an EHCP, including independent living skills, to meet the new requirements.


  • To promote, recognise and actively support positive mental health for all staff and pupils.
  • To review the extra- curricular clubs to ensure there is a wide range of opportunities on offer.
  • To reaffirm and support new members of staff to embed and live out the school vision and values including British values.

Early Years Development

  • To implement the new baseline assessments from the NFER.
  • To ensure that the outdoors and indoor environment effectively promotes learning and planned structured activities take place.
  • To improve the percentage of children reaching a Good Level of Development in Reception. (Reading & Writing Focus)

Children’s Spiritual and Emotional Development

  • To establish opportunities for pupils to think more globally by widening their understanding of Christianity as a multi world faith. (SIAMS area of development)


  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to gain knowledge and discuss worries and concerns in relation to the pandemic. 
  • To accurately assess all pupils and analyse gaps to support and inform a catch-up programme for identified individuals.
  • To ensure a smooth transition to a broad and balanced full curriculum by week 3 of the Autumn Term.
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