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Survey Results

At our Spring Term Parents' Consultation we asked parents where they felt the school was successful in creating a Christian Ethos and teaching religious education and where they would like to see changes made. Here are the results.

  Strongly Agree % Broadly Agree % Disagree % Don't Know %
The school is a caring institution based on clear Christian Values 79 21 0 0
I believe there is provision in the school for pupils to express their faith with confidence 76 22 0 2
The school keeps me well informed about the curriculum and school 72 27 0.5 0
The school keeps me informed about the Religious Education it provides 72 26 2 0.5
I am happy with the Religious Education provided by the school 79 18 1 2
As a parent I feel able to enjoy and participate in the Christian Ethos of the school 81 18.5 0.5 0
I am happy with the Collective Worship provided by the school 80 18 0.5 2
I am invited to attend acts of worship provided by the school 83 15 0.5 2
The school contributes to the spiritual life of pupils and staff 80 17 0 3
The school has good links with the local church, the parish and the clergy 87 9 0.5 4
I understand that the school has links with the Diocese 77 13 0.5 10
The school supports the wider community through fundraising and 74 21 1 4
I see the school as inclusive where everyone is valued. 78 22 0.5 0


What I like about our school as a church school:

  • Holding Christian values in our ever-secular society
  • The Christmas Plays
  • Everyone is lovely – great families and teachers (2)
  • The children are always happy and they learn a lot about believing
  • I like the way it instils Christian values in the children which in turn impacts on their attitude and
  • behaviour.
  • Christian values (20)
  • Keeping the Christian ethos (8)
  • Church-community link
  • Teaching the children respect (3)
  • They learn about Jesus
  • Great morals, friendly, organised
  • Discipline (4)
  • Religious Education (6
  • Practising the faith and teaching them the Christian faith (3)
  • That they teach well
  • The children have faith and good manners
  • Friendly – small size (children learn more quickly)  (3)
  • The management of the school by the governors
  • Prayer is important and children are encouraged to pray
  • Kids know a lot about why we celebrate things like Xmas, Easter, Good Friday etc
  • Is that is helps the pupils grow in respect of God and his people and enhances their good 
  • behaviour
  • The smart uniform
  • Singing hymns and songs, going to church and experiencing different services
  • Having a belief
  • Encouragement of pupils and parents
  • Caring and friendly staff and environment, providing children with a good Christian upbringing
  • Teaches the children respect and tolerance of other religions and understanding of different 
  • faiths
  • Very welcoming and kind
  • Discipline and God’s fearing attitude (3)
  • Everything
  • Teaching them to have respect for themselves and others
  • The knowledge my children have about Christian religion shows that the children are being 
  • brought up in a Christian way
  • Learning about God and having a faith, taking part in collective worship as this is becoming rarer 
  • in schools
  • It builds up the children to achieve and have a good value in life, appreciating one another and life 
  • in general
  • The majority of the children have the same religion
  • Culture and traditions, understanding and valuing traditional Christian values and why we 
  • celebrate festivals
  • My son has learned a lot about being a Christian
  • Teaching and making them know God
  • My child can participate in Christian activity, know about Christianity and keep Christian values 
  • and morals
  • That the children learn from a young age about the Bible (2)
  • Making religion understandable for young children
  • The children are taught about respect and good manners, the teachers want the best out of the 
  • children
  • Strong faith (2)
  • Different religions taught and children learn to respect all from all walks of life
  • Every child is valued and known.
  • The school recognises improvement.
  • It embraces all in line with Christian values and is a place where the children can learn and 
  • develop freely
  • I love that the school teaches the children core Christian ethos and morals of humanity. Really 
  • pleased.
  • They teach children about how to be friendly and respectful with others
  • Friendly staff. Enjoy attending church services
  • Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of community and religious events
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Excellent location
  • The levels of discipline are very high and children are respectful of both adults and each other
  • It reiterates beliefs and morals based on the Bible
  • Size, intimacy. Christian faith, morals
  • It prepares them for a life outside school
  • It accepts children with different faiths, children are given homework related to the Bible and 
  • this gives them a chance to explore and learn about the stories
  • I love the church services, it is so lovely to see the children sing and have fun.
  • My daughter is very happy and enjoys coming to school. That is the key.
  • The atmosphere and friendliness
  • The moral-ethical background
  • They teach the children about Jesus as their personal saviour
  • Very happy with the teachings
  • Caring, upholds Christian values and maintains good discipline
  • That the school helps to instil strong moral values and that stems from the religious values that 
  • the school upholds.


What I would like to see improved in our school as a church school:

  • Good support from parents
  • Everything so far is good; can’t wait to have a permanent vicar
  • Parents to know and talk more
  • More activities for parents with children
  • I think the school is doing very well
  • I am happy at it is and any improvements are most welcome
  • Behaviour standards are enforced and rules such as boys’ hair are kept before standards slip
  • I would say more homework
  • Updated technology; clean new cutlery and crockery
  • Children should learn to pray before class starts each day
  • Nothing at present – all is well
  • Maybe take the kids to church for monthly mass
  • More relations with local community eg joint fundraising etc
  • More collective worship
  • Not happy about warnings and detentions. Where are the achievement awards? Surely if they are
  • punished individually then they should be awarded individually.
  • The disruption in the classroom even though it has decreased this year
  • No non-Christian pupils
  • To teach the children more about Christian values and respect
  • Have another disco “Fanfare Party”
  • In this regard I believe the school is doing well
  • I would like more teaching of other religions so that children are aware of other faiths
  • Give all the children a lead role and keep building up the children’s faith
  • The school is lovely
  • Communication with parents – feedback to parents
  • Can’t think of anything now; don’t know; nothing – yet; nothing really; nothing – all is cool; nothing 
  • ( 7 responses)
  • I am very happy with the way the school is run (no problem at all)
  • I am happy with the direction the school is taking as a church school
  • Happy with the school
  • Facilities
  • More field visits
  • Telling the pupils more about God
  • I would like the school to share more information with parents more and sometimes “texts” may 
  • be vague. Overall though, I am happy with school.
  • We are happy and can’t think of any improvement
  • Admit more children from different faiths so our children can learn directly from other children
  • That all the teachers would be as approachable as ____
  • Fairly new to the school and feel there is much for me to experience
  • Maybe after school clubs – such as maths - arranged for the children
  • It seems the children do quite alright – continue with the good work
  • The competitive standards i.e .academic excellence should continue
  • More activities
  • For the school to ensure Christian values are continuously instilled during pay and games
  • To continue and support the children to a greater height
  • Maybe more church services for different saints
  • I am happy with the school as it is
  • More activities for making parents get involved
  • Can’t think of anything
  • More questioning which is reflected in older topics. Religious education should not be too literal. 
  • More analysis, critique, reflection, development of own values and pathways
  • To teach the children about God and how to do his will so they can be safe and make it in life.
  • Continue to maintain values and standards
  • Bringing more children to church
  • Continue encouraging Christian values
  • “Keep the Bible on the table”
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