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ICT & Computing Curriculum at Freezywater

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Our approach is integration: this means we 
integrate each unit of study as closely as 
possible with our Learning Challenge 
questions, topics and other subjects during
 each half term

This means that students not only engage 
more but it also makes the unit more 
relevant to the child.

Rising Stars Curriculum

We use Rising Stars Computing and previous
ICT curriculums as our starting point. This is
because of their excellent 'We are...' 
approach which works well with integration.

We use both because we were using the ICT 
curriculum before it changed to Computing
and the majority of units are in fact the 

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Overviews of Units of Study

Computing Units Overview

 There is only one overview of all units from
the Computing curriculum.

Also linked below is the EYFS curriculum

DB Primary VLE

We use the Virtual Learning Envronment 'DB Primary' in our school and in particular with ICT
and Computing.

It provides a secure and safe online space where students can email, blog (and much more) and access many resources both in school and at home. 

We aim to engage the parents with the childrens learning at home through the use of our VLE.

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